Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getaway @ Pullman Putrajaya

Assalammualaikum semua..
Seperti yg telah saya are the updates on our advance b'day celebration for my first nak surprise tapi tak menjadi laa..

6th Dec 2010
We went to Alamanda to watch movie..hmm..mcm tak ada cerita we decided to just watch whatever movie and we chose The Next 3 days . After movie, went for lunch @ food court and at about 3.30 pm we were off to Pullman..yeay!
  • We arrived there at nearly 4.00 pm kot..we checked in & had welcome drink and we were being escorted to our room by Ms Hanim (thank u kak hanim :))
  • Lepaking in the room (at Bunga Tanjung block) facing the Putrajaya lake..what a nice view.

  • Around 6.30pm, we decided to get the free drink & snack at the lobby. Thought the snack is just a simple one but ada small burger, ayam pandan, cute cakes/pies..wah kenyangnye..then we walked around..nk survey dinner kat mana mlm ni..

  • Went back to our room, maghrib, watching news and 'Nur Kasih di Jabal Rahmah'..lawak tol cerita ni..suka sgt tgk Ziana Zain & Fahrin berlakon...
  • 9.00 pm we went for dinner @ B' jugak the food..and walked around the hotel again..nice view at night..putrajaya bermandikan cahaya, angin tasik bertiup sepoi2 bahasa...
7th Dec 2010
  • Put the 'do not disturb' sign & went for breakfast around 8.40 am..Breakfast was nice especially the pastries..hmmm sedap & byk pilihan.. 
  • Walked around the hotel again..taking pictures..

  • Back to our room...suddenly..a man (not malaysian, think he is from bollywood since we saw at the hotel..there was a preparation of a wedding on 8th Dec, looking at the names..surely bolly's couple) approached us & asked
       Man: is this ur room?
         My hubby: yes
         Man: when r u checking out?
         My hubby : today
         Man: are u checking out now?
         Me: apehal pulak ni..suka hati saya la nk checkout bila (dalam hati)
         We just ignored the 3rd question....
  • Lepaking in the room watching Maal Hijrah movie..
  • Phone from the receptionist
        Receptionist: Ms Saliza, did you call us just now?
          Me: No
          Receptionist: Ok..bla...bla..bla..thank you..

  • Knock!knock!hubby went & opened the door..another one..this time bollywd lady..let's call her Ranee Mukeji (RM)..hehehe
        RM: Are u checking out today?
          My hubby: Yes (and terus close the door)
          Me: Nape diorg sibuk2 ni..kalau ye pun, tunggulah kita check out..
  • Phone rangs..again call from the receptionist
        Receptionist: We are sorry Ms Saliza, somebody accidentally went in your room just now.
          Me: (mcm blur sket) I did not know about that..(dlm hati..apesal nih? ade org masuk our room??)
         Receptionist: Ooo..We thought u're in the room...maybe you are not.
                             So, when will you check out?
                            There's miscommunication here & we badly need the room.
         Me: we will check out at 12..(dlm hati..aik..mcm nak soh check out segera je..)

What happen actually??...something is not right...

  • Knock! knock!..again?? Hubby went & opened the door..that RM again        
         RM: What time you will check out?
          My hubby: 12 ...and closed the door (%%$&*^^((U((^**(0 - tanda2 org yg hampir naik angin..hehehe)

Baru je tutup pintu....
  • Knock! knock! "excuse me!"..RM lagiiiii...jerit in front of my hubby dgn sabarnye lg buka pintu but lambat sikit..saje bcoz we all dah geram sgt niiii...
        RM: Is my luggage in?
          My hubby: No (dgn sabarnye..if it was me yg buka pintu kan lagi baik...heheh)

But this time we were already very disappointed...from after we came back from breakfast these bolly people kept on bugging us...ade ke patut tanya luggage dia? If her luggage is here pun..dia ingt saya nk bagi ke luggage dia masuk bilik ni..kem salam..This room is ours till 12 pm..

Finally, after studying all the scenarios, barulah saya sedar..that lady was in our room when we were going out for breakfast..and she was the one who called the receptionist..Benarkah hipotesis saya ni? If so, I wonder how the hotel could allow another guest to enter the room sedangkan we all still in/not yet check out?? Mcm biasa..System problem ke? And this lady pulak is the kind of people who does not respect others..patutke kita masuk bilik orang & call receptionist pulak..our things are still there, tak nampak ke?..astaghfirullah..ade juga org mcm ni...u just imagine?

So we decided to pack our things..dah tak de mood..but we take our own sweet time sbb geram sgt dkt that Ranee Mu-keji tu..saje nk check out at exactly12 wpun boleh check out earlier..bior dia tunggu

  • Knock! knock! again????...I said to my hubby..ok.."let me handle this"..and I opened the door..saw a lady wearing saree (so this is Rani Mu-keji and the bellboy with the luggage
        Me: Can't you wait?..We will check out at 12...We are packing our things now and
               bla..bla..bla! @#$%^&*()!!!!!
and the door closed..amekkkk...dgn bellboy sekali kena marah...Ranee Mu-keji tu tak sempat nk cakap..

Masa ni teringat watak Ziana Zain dlm 'Nurkasih di Jabal Rahmah'..heheh..dalam cite tu dia marah ustaz - Fahrin - kiranya my blood go upstairs ni...astaghfirullahalazim..

So, at about 11.50 am.. we went out from the room and checked out. We managed to inform the receptionist and she asked us to speak to an officer who is in charge of cutomer complaints, her name is Ms I explained everything..pot pet pot pet and she apologized. Thanks to her for listening to my complaint & also for the small complimentary..
She told us that what happened was because that Rani Mu-keji knew their room number...but that does not mean you can 'ceroboh' sesuka have to wait for ur turn..and the check in at Pullman is supposed to be at 2.00 pm not 9.00 am.

And to Pullman hotel...u should not give the access to the later guest if the existing guest masih tak check out lagi...I think the hotel should improve on managing these type of guests. They think that the hotel is owned by their fathers (u know what i translation ni..heheh). This type of people have no 'budi bahasa' like us the Malaysians..dah la dtg negara org tapi berlagak mcm negara dia pulak..ish..ish..tak respect org langsung..

I have never experienced this before..tak tau la mcm mana kat negara depa..if this is the type of people dkt sana, hmm..tak sanggup..huru hara..

To my hubby...sorry for that incident..tapi my hubby said..just forget about that..just remember the wonderful time we had before this thing happened (mana boleh, yg buruk tu lah yg meninggalkan kesan..kan? Bak kata pepatah..kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga).

P/S: Dulu suka tgk hindustan, sekrg ni tak nak dah tgk...agaknye Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol pun perangai mcm ni ke??




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