Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dinner @ Muara Sg Duyong, Melaka

Assalaamualaikum and Hi readers..
I hope it is not too late to wish you all Happy New Year. Have you all achieved your targets for 2011? As for me there are still unfulfilled targets so hopefully I can achieve them this year..Insya Allah (pray).
Last weekend we went back to my beloved kampung, Melaka. As usual we went back together with Busu & Adi.
That night we went for dinner at Muara Sg Duyong. It is a very nice place nearby Sg Duyung and u can smell & fell the sea breeze. But the crowd, phew! We have to wait for the seats and yang paling tak best is that we have to join the long queue to choose the seafood, weighing them and tell the pakcik what type of cooking u want, sweet sour? grilled? spicy?
The long queue is because this is the only kedai. At Umbai, we have several kedais and we can choose. But the cooking was superb, very fast..about 15 minutes the food was served one by one…and..nyum2

Adi, Abah, Mak n Busu..sorang lagi yg makan beriye tu kitorg x kenal, tetiba je dia join