Friday, December 16, 2011

8 December 2012 – Bday Celebration @ On The Table, Solaris Dutamas

Assalaamualaikum & Dear readers…
This entry is specially dedicated to my dearest hubby…
Happy Birthday to you
May Allah bless u and us..
love u always

The meal...

The meal..again

The guests and the celebrity of the blue
Sorry birthday cake..hehe..

That's all for now, wait for my update on trip to HK...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Avillion PD

Assalammualaikum & Dear readers..
This is also a backdated entry..ehehe..u know I do not have my streamyx and waiting for unifi.
Anyway this entry is about my vacation to PD, the best thing was we stayed at Avillion. I love this place..just enjoy the pics ok.. i come

The room..isn't it marvellous?

Like the bathroom..large & open air..hehe

From the back balcony of our room

Us..strolling together enjoying the evening

Before going back to promote, this kimono cardi is from shop sputniksweetheart..
I am unified now so wait for my next entry to Hong Kong & on hubby's bday celebration..hehe