Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy 8th Anniversary

On 26th March 2013 is our 8th anniversary. I am so thankful to Allah for the beautiful journey I have gone through with my beloved Am. I pray that we will always be together dunia & akhirat and may Allah give us strength to go through ups & downs together. May Allah fulfill our dreams...ameen :)
Love you...hadiah nanti eh?..hehe

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cebu Island Philippines

As promised, my entry to Cebu Island.
Last January..on the 27th, we went to Cebu Island in Philippines. Am had to attend a training there. At first I was not that interested to join but since I have yet to go to Philippines so why not?
Basically, these points will explain what Cebu is like from my point of view:

  1. Not easy to find Muslims so you know how hard to get halal food. Luckily we stayed at a hotel where there is a shopping mall called Ayala. There is a halal restaurant served Persian food (kebab je best, the beryani is like nasi goreng & masam so kureng sikit).
  2. They like to eat be extra careful when u buy anything (takut tersilap, ada nampak mcm keropok ikan gitu)
  3. The people are very nice & polite :). Luckily during our trip the 'Lahad Datu controversy' is yet to exist..alhamdulillah
  4. They have guitar factories there in Lapu Lapu City
  5. Their crafts/souvenirs are quite cheap if you buy at the stalls near seafood restaurant, I think it is at Lapu Lapu City.
Here are some pictures of us during the trip

 Visit to the museum & historical places in Cebu

 Visit to their office & lunch at a seafood restaurant

Being entertained by this uncle; drop by to purchase souvenirs, screaming when found out that the small purse is made of frog. Also visit a historical monument nearby

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sabun Popinjay

Pernah dengar tak sabun ni? I tak pernah dengar, dengar dalam cerita Hantu Kak Limah 2 yg ada jin pakai toncit tu.
Lawak giler dengar Awie punya dialog "hmm..wanginye, mandi pakai sabun popinjay ke?" Dgn blurnye I tanya Am, amende tu? Terus dia gelak2...sambil berkata "laa tak tau ke sabun popinjay?" sambil menggoogle..dan..mmg I tak tahu.
Tapi bila tanya my geng makan, sumer tau. So I pun buat conclusion, org utara jek kut guna sabun popinjay nih..hehe. Org selatan x tau kut...

Ni pun i dapat dari en google..

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dinner RRM

just wanna share my pictures during my division's annual dinner. I think most of my readers are my office mate so, as u all know there is a 'smelly story' during the dinner which I have posted in my FB. So I do not want to write it here, kita ingat yg indah2 aje ye buk...

Not so lucky malam tu but since everybody will get present so I pun dapat lah. I dapat kettle..oklah jugak walaupun niat di hati nak tupperware or brg ikea.

Opsss...I am listening to this song called 'terpanah asmara' by BCL..alah lagu dalam Adma Hawa tu..haha. Bestnye..layanzz.

Ok back to dinner RRM..we have to perform that night according to our group given earlier. Kiranya we have been assigned to that group early of 2012 and will do activities according to that group. I am in a group called 'Mantop' leads by my boss - suratan atau kebetulan, x tau la. Anyway we managed to be the overall champion wpun we all kalah dlm persembahan. Mana taknya, group lain mmg x suka dgn our group sbbnye our leader suka kutuk2 manja group lain, tp x kisah la kan, janji juara..haha.

Kumpulan Mantop - JUARA

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dak Tam

suddenly i have a pet cat. We call her as Dak Tam coz she is black. Dak is usually use by org melaka bila nk panggil anybody. I think it is a short form of 'budak'. Mcm kalau I, depa panggil Dak Sally...hehe.

Dak Tam ni actually ditinggalkan oleh mak dia..dunno why. i guess maybe she is not beautiful as her other siblings or maybe she is so noisy..pok pek pok pek. That is why I malas nak jaga dia ni tp kesian pulak kan coz she is very playful. Asik nak main je, bila kitorg tinggalkan, dia miow kuat2..ishk..

I have put her picture in fb but nobody interested..kesian. Anyway..look at her picture below. So small kan, rasa nak penyek2kan aje..hehe. We put her at the back, biar dia jaga pokok betik tp x boleh diharap Dak Tam ni. Betik tu habis je tupai makan, pantang masak sikit. Dia tak boleh keluar from that area coz we have a small wood gate. Takat ni, dia x pandai lompat selamat la. Kalau tak, she preferred to lepak in front but the problem is she loves to sit under our cars & sometime masuk dlm engine..or lepak on our shoe rack & meninggalkan kesan tapak kaki hitam depan pintu, tu yg malas tu.

Kitorg x bagi Dak Tam masuk rumah, kat luar je tp kdg2 dia saje je lari masuk dapur. Dia nih sgt suka menyibuk, bila i cabut rumput dia akan melompat2 & mengemol2 kat kita..iskh..kacau btol. Kalau kita jalan, dia kejar dekat ngan tapak kaki, sekali ku pijak nanti, hang jugak yg susah..

Kawan2, kat belakang dia tu bukan dia beber okeh..itu adalah daun kering :)