Monday, June 10, 2013

IVF - info on injections & OPU

7 June (Thursday) hari tu jumpa Dr Adilah…hmm telur ok cuma blom besar lg. Dr expect dah besar & boleh wat OPU on Monday. Lgun based on my anti mullerian hormone, Dr kata patutnya lg byk telur sbb bacaan nya tinggi & dose pun kira dah terlebih la tapi still telur tak la byk giler. Kira ok laa.

Dr kata kalau dia tgk test tu, mesti dia soh inject pergoveris sahaja, gonal x perlu tapi sbb result tu hari tu x dpt lg, so dia prescribe je ikut umur. Awat x habaq Dr...kurang sikit injections..hehe. Tp oklah kan nanti sikit plak telur.

Kiranya test anti mullerian hormone tu boleh digunakan utk determine dose ubat/injection utk ensure kita x terlebih, takut kena OHSS. Kiranye test ini predict ovarian response in IVF.

So Dr predict akan wat OPU on Wednesday..tatuttt…huhuh. Dr pesan lg, utk elak OHSS:

1.       Minum air 2 litre sehari

2.       Makan putih telur 2 bijik sehari (yaikss tp ku telan jua)

So lepas scan semlam perlu continue lg injection pergo + gonal + cetrotide sampai ari Ahad 9/6 (adussss). Ari Isnin pagi x perlu inject & dtg klinik utk scan lagi. Lg satu, Dr kira 1st day injection tu sebagai S1 (stimulation day 1 kot). So semalam dah S7.

Oh ye, pasal injection cetrotide yg menakutkan itu, mmg sakit..pedih je after injection pehtu siap ada darah plak..iskh. Then dia jadi mcm bintat (tau x apa bintat, ala kalau nyamuk gigit kan mcm ada tanda tu). Dlm 30 minit dok baring je supaya hilang kepedihan itu.
Oh ye, ada yg nak tau on OPU or proses sedut from google

How and when is oocyte retrieval performed?

All women who undergo this procedure will be administered human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) 36 hours prior to the procedure. hCG administration is the final stage of ovarian stimulation and the hormone stimulates the ovaries to mature oocytes in preparation for release. Its administration allows practitioners to schedule oocyte retrieval to coincide with maturation (i.e. 36 hours following hCG administration) and hospital working hours (i.e. there is no longer a need to retrieve oocytes on weekends or at nights). Women will generally be provided with hCG injections which they can administer at home, at a time specified by practitioners at their IVF clinic. Women then only need to enter a clinic on the day of collection and not for injection administration.

When attending the clinic for oocyte retrieval, the patient will be anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic. A transvaginal ultrasound will be conducted to assess ovarian follicular development and the number and position of ovarian follicles for aspiration will be recorded. A needle guide and appropriately sized needle are then attached to the vaginal ultrasound probe and inserted carefully into the vagina. At this stage the needle tip will be withdrawn into the probe so that is does not get contaminated. The needle will then be lined up with the most accessible follicle and the needle tip extended and carefully inserted into the follicle. The fluid contained in the follicle is then sucked into a syringe. The process will be repeated until all accessible follicles in the ovary have been aspirated. The needle will then be removed and flushed for blockages prior to insertion into the second ovary.

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