Monday, July 16, 2012

Ramainye kat Sogo!!!!

Assalaamualaikum & good afternoon readers..
Hmm..this is not Beijing update..nantilah yea..tgh ada vitamin M pulak. So just nak update cerita pendek @ cerpen. 
Jumaat baru ni, I went to Ariani kat Masjid India la, after office hour lah kan sbb ada sale. So lepas pi Ariani, I ingat nak maghrib kat Sogo (walaupun I know ada sale kan but I thought the crowd dah kureng la sebab pagi tadi dah jam giler - dpt tau pun from FB my friend). 
Sekali la I pergi, ramai giler kentang..surau dia pun dah macam org tgh tawaf ramainye. Hmm..x jadi, tukar lokasi, solat kat pertama complex..fuh legaa..x kuasa lah I nak menjoin kan diri pi Sogo (memula ada hati lah kan nak pi tgk2). Cer tgk gambor I ni, belakang I tu, mcm sardin..kat depan Sogo la ni

U olss ni..x ingat tau kalau dah shopping tu..mcm I gak..hehe

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2 & 3 Beijing

Day 2
First of all, lupa plak nak inform..I went to Beijing on 5th June 2012..hee. Ok jom continue..
Nothing to do today since hubby is going to the seminar. Me, going out alone? Beijing? Oh no..I am the kind of hysterical especially when I am alone lagi2 at an unfamiliar places.

That night, we went out for dinner at Funtea. Muslim restaurant but ada beer ok. Then there were lansing2 by the people there, mcm Arab pun ada gak. Pening jugak la coz I am not into noisy places. Luckily the party tu dah nak habis so we can eat peacefully. The food hmm ok laa..

After dinner, kami pun nk balik but guess what susahnye nk dpt taxi. When we got this taxi, tak tahu pulak Renaissance kat mana?? Logik ke? Punya la glamour hotel tu, nak explain pulak, they do not know even one English word pun. Lastly we took illegal taxi or ‘teksi sapu’ but have to pay double. Tak pe lah dah tak larat nk tunggu, dh larut malam pun

Day 3
Today, in the afternoon, China Telecom organized a trip for us to the Prince Mansion at Hutong. I pun follow la. We were being briefed by this agent. He called himself ‘ Prince’, agak perasan la kan sbb he said that his name in Chinese means King. So just enjoy the pics la yea..

Beca2 berbaris near the Palace

At the palace...

Posing sikit..cantikkan corak2 kat atap tu

Ada x sampai 5 minit pun..hehe

Hubby with the other delegacies

Masa ni dlm bas, sempat snap building yang cantik..

So many types of cycles, not sure whether motorcycle, bicycle?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Merajuk dgn Poplook

Assalaam & Dear readers..

Currently tgh merajuk dgn poplook. Baru2 ni, I bought a dress, ala yg ramai nk beli tu i.e. polka chiffon maxi dress. 
Masa dapat, I punya la happy kan and siap try, nmpk ok terus cabut tag. As usual, if you are the regular customers of poplook, depa ni mmg tak iron baju. Mmg renyuk la kan. So I pun terus la iron, masa iron I ternampak defect. The sewing tu mcm tak kena kat chiffon tu so u can see the inner la..mcm koyak pun ada. Apa lagi?? frust giler. 

So I pun terpikir nak pulang but I dah cabut the tag. Then I terbaca dlm FB poplook ada yg post balik & dpt refund tp x sure la still ada tag ke tak. So I pun email tanya kat poplook, just try my luck kan. 
At first dia kata tak boleh sbb dah iron anyway they asked me to send the picture of the defect dress. After I sent the pictures, dia bagi options nak refund or discount. Then I pun suka la..I pilih refund. Then dia feedback balik, pls return within 7 dah lebih la 7 days. Reason I tak hantar earlier sbb I dah cabut tag tp bila dgr ada org return, I just try la kan tanya poplook.
I pun pening la this poplook..I thought dia nak consider jugak (walaupun I dah cabut tag) sbb dia yg suruh I take pictures. Kalau dah ikut rules asal, x payah la minta I amik gambor...iskh..iskh

Anyway, what to do, terpaksa la I simpan baju yg nmpk mcm koyak itu. Nak jahit pun payah sbb u tau la chiffon ni kain dia berbulu sikit.

I dah frust ni, at this moment, I tak nak beli dah poplook. Yelaa..sedih la kan, kita trust dia but suddenly dpt plak faulty item. Maybe u girls can say, why I did not check? But kalau u pun, takkan u nak check every corner of the dress kan? After what happen, I nasihatkan u all check la betul2 & thoroughly before you take off the tag. Sbb 7 days tu bukan lama..dah le dpt faulty item, u pulak terkejar2 nak pi post balik dlm masa 7 hari. Kita pun bukan la ada masa, dgn kerja lg kan.

p/s: i am not trying to say bad about poplook, just to share my experience coz selama ni i dok puji2 kan..hehe. Just to share so that you all check betul2 before take off the tag. Wpun sikit the defect tp serious nmpk ugly...huhu

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beijing Day 1

Sorry girls for the long with my work, my photobook, kenduri kendara..bla bla bla..
Ok jom..let’s see what is Beijing from sally’s perspective..hehe

Day 1 Beijing
Our flight departure was at 12.30 am. So I just slept on the flight, no movies. Arrived at Beijing at 7+ am.
We went for a taxi. At first, seems like there is a systematic way of getting a taxi. We have to queue and the taxis also were queuing and there were officers coordinating. 

Suddenly a man came to us and offered his taxi. We were quite confused as his taxi was not queuing like the others but the officers did nothing. My hubby asked the man..”how much?” He said 400 yuan.
Whatttt??? Gilo ko apo? Then we said no and went back to the other taxis and off we went to the hotel for 80 yuan. 

Mangkuk btol mamat tadi tu, mmg saje nak pekena better beware. Kalau naik je, tak tanya harga, mmg habis.

We checked in at Renaissance since my hubby will be having a seminar at this hotel. 

So, after shower, resting and relaxing, we decided to go around Beijing and also to the Forbidden City.

At first we were a little bit blur on the subway map. So we took a taxi. Unfortunately, the taxi driver stopped at the exit not the entrance, so we have to walk all the way to the entrance which is so far around 1 km. Mang*** punya taxi driver.
I was like grrrr….dahle panas + peluh +penat..

Oklaa..enjoy the pics..will update on Day 2 etc later kay..

me & hubby at Forbidden City

Me..cun tak my sunglass?..sib baik bawak coz mmg panas. Nmpk tak cropped shirt tu, beli from Oldblossombox..cute kan?

Me & hubby..sian hubby tak de sunglass, berkerut2 muka..Mine tu murah je from Vincci, mmg beli nk pakai kat Beijing pun