Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hong Kong 2011

Assalammualaikum and hi readers!

Warning..this is backdated entry..written on 1st wk of December 2011..huhu
Sorry for the long silence. I have so many things to share with you guys but need to settle all my pending tasks due to my long holidays. Hehe.
I went to Hong Kong last week on Wednesday following my husband – he had to do some jobs there. We stayed at City Garden Hotel..not sure where is it but if you take the train, stop at Fortress Hill. It was a nice and expensive hotel..huhu.
Arrival at HK on 23rd Nov night and straight away we went to the Hotel.
Day 1
We went to Islamic Centre Canteen in Wan Chai to have our brunch (breakfast + lunch). The food was ok. But..we had to go thru the stairs (level 5) since during that time the lift was out of order (masa my PIL pergi pun out of order, adakah lif itu mmg sentiasa out of order?).
We went to the Peak via tram. It was an awesome experience. From the peak, we can see the panoramic view across HK.
Then we dropped by at Madame Tussauds. Like others, we spent time taking pictures with all those celebrities…huhu.
Sabor je la tgk muka I yang excited ni ye..

 Then we went to The Avenue of Stars, it was like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. You can see the name of celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry on the walk which I & hubby did not recognize any of them..hehe.

Day 2
We went to Stanley Market and I bought some souvenirs for my office mate, nothing much actually as most of the items can be found in Malaysia. I just bought a bundle of small coin purse made from silk. I also found nice scarf and bought some of them. At first, I thought of giving them as souvenirs but end up, I wore all of them. Hahaha. There are lots of handbags here but according to my friend the quality is bad as compared to those at Mongkok.
Then we went to Avenue of Stars again to watch the Symphony of lights. The show was ok not that awesome la. I mean the building there are already wonderful with the lights.

Day 3
Today we went to Ngong Ping 360 for the cable car ride. Guess what? It was a very long queue. We should buy the ticket online but what to do?? We took 2 ways ticket which one of them was for Crystal cabin. We went up by Crystal cabin. It was an awesome experience as the deep blue sea was just underneath your feet. But I felt like, the journey was not as scary as our experience with Langkawi cable Car. Percaya tak? When we arrived at the top, we just took some pictures and had our lunch.
On the way back, we dropped by a shopping mall (just nearby the cable car area). Guess what? Sale! There are lots of branded boutiques here. I pun jadi panic..hehe. Mana satu nak pi ni. First I went to MNG, tried a pair of jeans but too long tapi murah ler, tak sampai RM100.
Then masuk pulak Esprit..long queue dekat cashier tapi nak jugak. So I end up buying a pair of jeans, 2 shirts for me and another 2 for hubby for just RM300+. Ok kan??? Sib baik we have to hurry sebab nak pi Mongkok malam ni. If not, I borong semua dekat Esprit tu..haha.

That evening, we went to Ladies Market at Mongkok. The market area was quite big. There are lots of handbags (fake one), clothes, audio visual, electronic and telecommunications items etc. I just bought fridge magnets. Kenapa? Tak percaya? Byk gadget utk iphone je, I tak pakai iphone le.
We heard that most of the items here are overpriced, so bargain is a must. But you cannot bargain if you do not wish to buy. If not, you will be scolded by the sellers (takuttt..). However we did not have bad experience there..phew! But..lenguh juga kaki..

Day 4
Today is our last day utk berjalan2 coz tomorrow is our flight back to Malaysia. So what else, Disney laa. Overall, I tak berapa enjoy la Disney ni since takde kanak2 yg dibawa kan.. Dah le tu, there were so many people. Everything nak kena queue for about an hour at least.
We watched Mickey Mouse theatre (sbb yg ni boleh sumbat ramai2). We felt a little bit dissapointed..u know why? Sebabnye Mickey mouse tu cakap Hong Kong so kena la baca subtitle. Yelaa..u tau laa kan, Mickey Mouse tu mmg selalu ckp omputeh tetiba ckp HK, macam tak kena laa. Lepas tu depa ni byk jugak la yg’kureng’ @ selfish mcm berebut, potong queue, langgar2 orang x hengat, tu yg I tak berapa suka kat Disney ni.
Ada my friend, dia pi HK sekali ngan we all tapi dia tak bawak la anak2 dia sbb kecik kenot lg. So we all borak2 masa kat Disney ni. Dia kata kesian gak tak bawak anak2 tapi dia kata tak pe laa. Ada la rezeki diorang nanti.
Lps tu I pun ckp la ngan dia. Ala..kita dulu pun mana mak ayah nak bawak pergi tempat2 mcm ni. Sekarang baru dapat pi sendiri. Dulu2 mana ada org travel2 kan lgpun I bukannye org senang..sobs..sobs. I mean kalau u all org yg berduit , takpe la tapi kalau tak, tak pe, insya Allah ada rezeki anak2 tu nanti..lagi appreciate bila pergi ngan duit sendiri mcm saya..hehe.
Saya sendiri pun tak pernah travel masa zaman sekolah. Oversea?? Dalam negeri pun tak pernah, takat pi KL, PD je. Ada sekali je kot pi Langkawi. So bila dah dewasa ni la baru ada peluang, I start travel pun lepas kawin. So yang penting, bagi anak2 u all belajor pandai2, kerja elok lepas tu boleh travel. Tol tak? ni mcm dah out of topic..sorry, kadang2  mmg mcm ni…huhuhu.
I selalu bebel mcm ni kat my nieces & nephews, nak motivate soh blajar tapi x tau laa diorg termotivate ke tak. Anyway, thanks to mak & abah saya kan, kasik blajar pandai2, buleh keje dpt gaji pastu travel..
Eh..bebel lagi..okla..dah..tgk je gambor2 ni..

Eh..lupa nk photobook dah siap..hehe..nanti i tunjuk kat blog :)