Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rombongan Cik Sally ke Bandung

Dah lama dah entry ni terendam! Ok let's start. Actually it was my bro's idea to go to Bandung, after our trip to Legoland. My bro & his family tak pernah lg naik flight so I suggest to them to go to Spore. Tp dah alang2 naik flight, baik jauh sikit kan so we decided  to go to Bandung. Last minute pulak, my Along nak on 22nd March off we went to Bandung via Air Asia. Tak murah pun..masa tu promotion biasa2 aje. Will summarize the cost at the end of this entry kay...
Ok now let's start the journey..

Day  0 (Friday)
Arrival to Bandung -12.05 am (11.05 am at Bandung). Om Budi was there to fetch us to the nearby hotel, Grand Pacific. We know Om Budi through my bro's office mate. Adalah saudara dia kawin dgn Om Budi (something like that).
We went ngeteh after that & went back to hotel about 2.00 am. Talking about ngeteh, the teh tarik is not at all like KL. So if you are teh tarik's fan, be extra careful (dasat betul warning..hehe). Either the teh tarik will taste a little bit or extra sour or taste awful coz they use the jasmine tea. OMG, jasmine tea is a big NO to me.

Day 1 (Saturday)
All of Tangkuban
We went out at 9.30 am and it was already like 11.00a.m so I guess it is better if you go out earlier. The traffic was very bad and the road was narrow & not in good condition. Van yang we all naik pun agak x selesa but we all ok je, janji boleh jalan..hehe. This morning's agenda was to go to Tangkuban Perahu. At first we heard that it was closed due to asap keluar so takut meletus la pulak. Tapi dah rezeki agaknye, dah buka pulak. So mmg agak jauh la this place. The way up to Tangkuban was like to Cameron Highland.

Kampung Daun

After Tangkuban, we had our lunch at Kampung Daun, it is like a village with many huts. Malangnye, hujan pulak turun. Dahlaa pondok kami atas sekali, jenuh juga berjalan dlm hujan. basically the food is ok. Harga agak mahal jugalah.

We went back to the hotel to send my sis yg dah pening due to the journey..huhu. Then off we went to Rumah Mode factory outlet. There were many people there but most clothes for women are not for hijabers. For men, yes..there are a lot of shirts/office wear to choose i.e. YSL, Hugo, etc.

At Chilaki Seafood

We end our day with dinner at Cilaki Seafood...the food& the price was ok laa. I asked for teh tarik hoping that it will be teh tarik kl but again..tipah tertipu. You can see the teh tarik in picture..menarik?

Toko 3

Day 2 (Sunday)
Trans Studio

We went out early today, unfortunately Om pula yg lewat. About 9.00 am we went to Toko 3 factory outlet. There are a lot of branded clothes here for both women & men. Ada Levi's, Hugo, Emporio Armani, Zara, Bershka etc. Byk juga kami shopping di sini.

Then we went to Trans Studio, a theme park in a shopping mall but we did not go in. The ticket is quite expensive RM80 per person.

For lunch, we went to Restoran Sederhana Nasi Padang. I love the food here..very nice & the place is clean.

At Heritage Factory Outlet

After lunch, we went to Heritage factory outlet...there are a lot of factory outlets here along the way. Besides clothes, there are luggage bags, handbags etc. We were here until evening and went for dinner at the same restaurant we went earlier i.e. Gampoeng Acheh.

At Pasar Baru & Makan bakso & batagor at Kingsley
Day 3 (Monday)
Today is our last day to go shopping!!! How time flies. We were supposed to go to Pasar baru for the whole day but suddenly Om suggested that we went to Jalan Dago factory outlet first as it is nearby our hotel. can guess what happen when we get to go to factory outlet. Bukan we all, but the guys yg shopping spree.
So alamatnye lambat lah. Sampai Pasar Baru dah dekat pukul 3. There were so many people & the place is so big ada 12 tingkat. So many shops selling telekung, blouse, batik, bags, shoes....rasa nk pengsan. So kalau u all nak dtg, you guys must allocate 1 full day here. Please take note that they closed at 5.00 pm. The best opt is to come here first and look around. At the same time, you can plan what to buy, the next day you can go to the specific shop & buy whatever you have in mind. That evening we went to try the popular food in Bandung..bakso!! Mmg lazat...and ada lagi satu jenis masakan, batagor (bakso tauhu goreng). mmg superb lah..

Day 4 (Tuesday)
Pagi lepas subuh terus pi airport..

So..I think that is all about our trip. Oh..ya..the cost..
Flight tickets for two (return) RM900+
Hotel Grand Pacific - RM225 per night for Friday & Sat; RM180 per night for Sun & Mon
*actually byk lg hotel yg murah tp malas dah nak cari sbb takut kureng menarik..huhu
Van RM300 per day (fuel not included, bayar separate)
Tourist guide (yg ni kami yang suka suki bagi Om, dia pun ok jek) - RM400

Gambar selingan..aktiviti orang Bandung