Friday, June 24, 2011

CLS Kitchen Cabinet

Assalammualaikum & Dear readers…
Today is Friday….yeay! I superlove Friday..besides penghulu segala hari, it also means weekend is just around the corner. But this weekend will be a very busy one for us as we are moving to our new house..huhu. At last…dah siap pun my kitchen cabinet. Last time bukan tak siap but the sink was out of stock. So tak complete laa jawabnye.
I think it is time for me to give my opinion on CLS. So far, agak puas hati la dengan CLS but my personal opinion, if you need advice on the design of your kitchen cabinet, CLS is not that good. Basically their cabinets are ready made, it is not that custom made.  In terms of was ok la.
Yang paling tak puas hati, my switch utk kitchen lights is in the fridge cabinet and CLS tak nak move kan the switch, buleh?? Sbb nanti kena hack & kena cat balik etc so that will cost them.
For me, during the design stage, they should aware la switch tu kat mana…ko bukan dah biasa ke buat kitchen cabinet?? So now, bila I pi dapur, I have to go in front the fridge and put my hand in the cabinet to get the switch on…tak ke mengarut namanya?
 It cost us around RM15K plus for our U shape cabinets with glossy/glass & soft close doors. Usually, during exhibition CLS will advertise on their free granite top but sebenornye, they are giving free granite top pada bila2 masa. So basically, dpt harga discount sket je la..
So inilah hasilnye..I have arrange my things in the cabinets actually..tapi mcm  tak cukup jugak coz I have lots of Tupperware that need space..hehe


  1. Lorrrrr kak, masalah nak switch on lampu mcm ni....ape da cls ni.... Black list la camni...

  2. Ti, sila laa blacklist..wpun small matter tp pd org penting tuuu...dia yg duduk kat dapur tu design tp x nampak prob ni...gevam btol. Now ni kitorg sendiri yg kena panggil electrician nk btolkan..