Friday, May 6, 2011

Floor Depot

My dear are some updates of my new house..huhuhu
Yesterday hubby & myself were on leave...just to see the progress of the renovation..
It was a fruitful day since masa we all dtg, the worker informed us that the tiles were not enough so off we went to buy extra tiles. Luckily the tile shop is just nearby, feels like we are the contractor instead of Mr Goh.
At about 11 am, Floor Depot team came to install our wood flooring. About 3 pm, the installation was tak?

Kat bawah ni ialah gambar spiderman yg tgh check flooring yg baru install...hehe..jgn marah

 And here are some pictures on my grille..ok kan?

Still remember about my entry on Kedai Top 10? After frustrated with Top 10, we bought these ceiling fans during our visit to this shop called Seloka Sukma..Actually this Seloka Sukma is a wholesaler for certain products like hood & hobs, ceiling fans, and bathroom equipments.
Sebenornye, we went here to make full payment for our hood & hob that we booked earlier during the exhibition. So as usual, we were being offered by the staff there at the shop to purchase these ceiling fans, RM350 for 2 ceiling fans. But the brand is ‘deka’..mcm x pernah dengar je..hahaha. But at last we bought it sbbnya..mcm murah & cantik laa jugak as compared to brand alpha yg dijual kat Top 10 tu. But the quality..hmmm..not sure..hehe

Oklaa...nanti sambung lagi..x pi lagi la kedai lampu...will update later on kedai lampu murah..


  1. Cantik, just for living room corner ke atau nanti sambung lagi ? Excited nye masuk umah baru, nak beli umah lagi la tapi mahal sgt kan, mmm

  2. wood flooring tu kat dining aje..tak buat kat living room. Hmm..excited jugak tapi penat pun boleh tahan..hehe..

  3. Sally...cantik lah wood flooring tu..serious! Bestnyer...mesti tak sabar semua renovation works nak siap kan...penat2 pon takper...janji puas hati kan...

  4. Zurin...tengkiu...mmg x pun dah nak siap dah...tinggal sket2 jek lagi..

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