Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sekali sekala lunch @ Hilton KL


Just came back from lunch at Hilton KL..actually hubby belanja his officemates, so i follow aje..hehe. The food is good..though there is not so many options but the taste is hmmm...yummy. I like it...the squids, prawns, beef, crabs..all is cooked in a special way as the taste is unique...bukan ape, sometime ade gak hotel yg byk piliham makanan but the taste mcm biase je...takat rasa sos tomato gitu2...baik masak kat umah je..hehe...

So..this is the restaurant.. 'Sudu Restaurant' lagi satu yg specialnye, the kitchen is u can see all the chefs preparing the mestila kemas & bersih since semua boleh nampak..hehe

All of us yg sudah kenyang..alhamdulillah

Ce tengok menu dia kt atas tu...ala carte pun dh mahal so better go for buffet...lg byk buleh makan..anyway, thanks hubby!


  1. Aslmkum, lama tak makan kat hotel, teringin pulak :) thanks for sharing.

  2. problem :)