Monday, March 28, 2011

Modern Home Fair

Last Friday we went to Modern Home Fair at Mid Valley..but the number of booth is not that many..kena tunggu Homedec jugak baru best.

Anyway, we did survey some kitchen cabinets and Floor Depot. Glass doors for shower  tak ada.
We ended up paying deposit of RM500 for Floor Depot and RM100 for CLS Kitchen Cabinets. According to the sales people, we will get back the RM500 kalau tak jadi and for CLS, we have to purchase any stuffs at their shop. We also went to Kian Classic & CK Kitchen Cabinets but the deposit is CLS is better kot..huhu...

Then, there were quite a number of hobs offer..ada induction cooker..
So what is induction cooker:

From wikipedia
An induction cooker uses induction heating for cooking. Unlike other forms of cooking, heat is generated directly in the pot or pan (cooking vessel), as opposed to being generated in the stovetop by electrical coils or burning gas. To be used on an induction cooker, a cooking vessel must be made of a ferromagnetic metal.

Why I do not like induction cooker?? Coz, I have so many types of pots & pans..dari kuali yg murah tu sampai la ke vision cookware so if I use induction cooker what will happen to my existing items??? Ada ke the sales ppl yg jual induction cooker tu kata I can send my vision to the museum...boleh, boleh, boleh blah..I ni adalah contoh sales ppl yg tak reti buat sales..hehehe. Kesian la company dia..

Next tu ada satu lagi cooker offered by Vees (Delicooker)..yg ni bukan induction but electric cooker. Yg ni practical sikit tapi mahal betul dekat RM3,000. Then the sales ppl kept on promoting the free pots & pans. He asked me to hold the show me the quality tp berat nye nak pengsan..dah le I ni kughuih, mana larat nk guna kuali berat2. He said, good quality maa..that is why it is heavy..hmm confirm x nak!..lgpun kalau dh byk kuali kat umah nak wat ape..

One more thing this cooker takde tungku..err tau ke apa tungku..ala yg boleh tenggekkan (ni mak I punya word..hehe) kuali..cooker ni kan leper mcm kaca this sales people said you can buy anywhere...kena beli lagi..hmmm...

Ok now let's talk about the kitchen cabinet offered by CLS and KIAN Classis..
CLS: Free granite top but u cannot choose the colour..they offered brown colour only.

KIAN: They have packages like 1 kitchen cabinet with 2 wardrobes for RMXXXX but for kitchen cabinet, they will only give the normal top. We can upgrade the top with others & get the discount. They offered us the quartz top which is more expensive than granite with big discount but since we have signed up with CLS so we did not accept the offer. Lgpun the package is limited..meaning if our kitachen is bigger, kena la tambah duit.

Hopefully our choice is a good one..Insya we have to think of the design of the kitchen cabinet and others too (living room, bedrooms etc..) and also curtains..bla bla bla...

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