Friday, March 8, 2013

Dinner RRM

just wanna share my pictures during my division's annual dinner. I think most of my readers are my office mate so, as u all know there is a 'smelly story' during the dinner which I have posted in my FB. So I do not want to write it here, kita ingat yg indah2 aje ye buk...

Not so lucky malam tu but since everybody will get present so I pun dapat lah. I dapat kettle..oklah jugak walaupun niat di hati nak tupperware or brg ikea.

Opsss...I am listening to this song called 'terpanah asmara' by BCL..alah lagu dalam Adma Hawa tu..haha. Bestnye..layanzz.

Ok back to dinner RRM..we have to perform that night according to our group given earlier. Kiranya we have been assigned to that group early of 2012 and will do activities according to that group. I am in a group called 'Mantop' leads by my boss - suratan atau kebetulan, x tau la. Anyway we managed to be the overall champion wpun we all kalah dlm persembahan. Mana taknya, group lain mmg x suka dgn our group sbbnye our leader suka kutuk2 manja group lain, tp x kisah la kan, janji juara..haha.

Kumpulan Mantop - JUARA

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