Friday, March 22, 2013

Cebu Island Philippines

As promised, my entry to Cebu Island.
Last January..on the 27th, we went to Cebu Island in Philippines. Am had to attend a training there. At first I was not that interested to join but since I have yet to go to Philippines so why not?
Basically, these points will explain what Cebu is like from my point of view:

  1. Not easy to find Muslims so you know how hard to get halal food. Luckily we stayed at a hotel where there is a shopping mall called Ayala. There is a halal restaurant served Persian food (kebab je best, the beryani is like nasi goreng & masam so kureng sikit).
  2. They like to eat be extra careful when u buy anything (takut tersilap, ada nampak mcm keropok ikan gitu)
  3. The people are very nice & polite :). Luckily during our trip the 'Lahad Datu controversy' is yet to exist..alhamdulillah
  4. They have guitar factories there in Lapu Lapu City
  5. Their crafts/souvenirs are quite cheap if you buy at the stalls near seafood restaurant, I think it is at Lapu Lapu City.
Here are some pictures of us during the trip

 Visit to the museum & historical places in Cebu

 Visit to their office & lunch at a seafood restaurant

Being entertained by this uncle; drop by to purchase souvenirs, screaming when found out that the small purse is made of frog. Also visit a historical monument nearby

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