Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zenith Kuantan

As promised, here is the entry on my trip to Kuantan. During our first trip to Kuantan, we stayed at MS Garden. It was ok but it is an old hotel.
This time, we stayed at Zenith. The hotel looks new & the room is very nice. The building is like an apartment where you will be able to look down at the balcony in front of your room. Usually kalau hotel, the rooms will be facing each other tapi this hotel lain sikit. The passage in front of the rooms is also spacious.

Before we arrived at the hotel, we dropped by at gerai Mok Na at Tg Lumpur for late lunch. This is what I love at Kuantan, love the ikan/sotong/udang goreng tepung and of course satar . Kat Mok na ni mmg the best lah. The ikan/sotong is so fresh..hmm...finger linckin' good :). So tgk jelah pictures kat bawah, gambar satar yg dah tinggal daun je..hehe

The view of Kuantan from the hotel room..nice kan..and also the bathroom

This is what I mentioned earlier..mcm apartment..ada balcony in front of your door..

That night lepas dah baring2 rehat...malas juga nak keluar but at last we went out jugak takut kelaparan plak mlm2 kang, Again we went to Tg Lumpur. Mula2 we all x nak pergi Ana Ikan Bakar Petai coz we have already been there last time. So we all pun teruskan perjalan ke arah deretan kedai lain. Sekali jumpa another Ana Ikan Bakar..confused kejap, rupanya ada 2 kedai. One is the big one and another is located at the end of the deretan kedai2 yg lain. Bagus betul strategy. At first we all nk try kedai lain but bila tgk2 ikan mcm dah londeh je..so we decided to go back to Ana. Tapi kat sini takla seramai dkt kedai yg besar tu so..oklaa..makan sampai kol 10 lebih..iskh..iskh. Tapi kalau ramai lg best. Last time gi ngan Busu & Adi but this time just me & Am so..ini je la yg kami makan...

Best jugak lepak2 makan kat Kuantan (: jom..sape2 yg blom pernah rasa Mok Na & Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, silalah yea..