Monday, February 18, 2013

Photobook number 6

iskh..iskh..why so quiet? hehe..sorry friends. I was bz with the long holidays..haha. Anyway, I have a lot to tell. My trip to Cebu Island, trip to Kuantan, places to eat..haihh.
This entry is to just share with you on my latest photobook...tadaa..

So, that is all for now. Please do wait for my entries later kay..XOXO (:


  1. salam, interestnya photobook, nampak mcm boleh frame, mcm mana buat tu, for ages i tak pernah cuci gambar, bila tgk ni, teringin plak :)

    1. hehe..dulu i pun mmg x cuci gambor, asik tgk dlm pc. Tp bila tgk my friend buat, i pun terus minat. Dah byk company yg offer tp i setia pada photobook malaysia..hehe. Just beli voucher photobook kat groupon or mydeal sbb murah. Kalau harga sebenar, sgt mahal. Download softwarenye from photobook website, terus boleh create ur own photobook :)