Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Red Card @ Bangi

Today I just wanna share with u guys a makan place known as Red Card. Actually I just ternampak this restaurant during my visit to another restaurant i.e. 'Nasi Ulam'. But that time was during lunch and this Red Card is only open at night. So we went there last Saturday after our gerak gempur (GG) program. GG tu apa? Mesti u olls tanya kan..mcm gila2 lah..haha. No..actually its a program where we have to see our customers & mesra2 gitu. But for me not really mesra lah kan coz, weekend is for us to lepak2..so ala2 x ikhlas lah kan...haha.

Ok..back to topic, masa I pergi is during peak hour like 8.30 pm...full house ok. Around 9.00 pm mcm tu dah kosong..hehe.

The food, ada western & local but local not that many choices. So I ate pasta, Aglio Olio..selalunya seafood kan but this time I tried turkey. Oklaa..but not awesome..hehe tp berbaloi lah dgn harganya. I  think I like pasta dekat @grills more but harganya pun mahal sikit ler..hehe. My hubby ate kuey tiaw phad thai - actually u can choose rice or vermicelli. For me, not that delicious la, mcm tak kena coz manis. Mcm ada kacang halus. Maybe next time we should try other menus like steak etc.

Anyway, of course I will come again. Enjoy our pic..satu je pun

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