Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 2 & 3 Beijing

Day 2
First of all, lupa plak nak inform..I went to Beijing on 5th June 2012..hee. Ok jom continue..
Nothing to do today since hubby is going to the seminar. Me, going out alone? Beijing? Oh no..I am the kind of hysterical especially when I am alone lagi2 at an unfamiliar places.

That night, we went out for dinner at Funtea. Muslim restaurant but ada beer ok. Then there were lansing2 by the people there, mcm Arab pun ada gak. Pening jugak la coz I am not into noisy places. Luckily the party tu dah nak habis so we can eat peacefully. The food hmm ok laa..

After dinner, kami pun nk balik but guess what susahnye nk dpt taxi. When we got this taxi, tak tahu pulak Renaissance kat mana?? Logik ke? Punya la glamour hotel tu, nak explain pulak, they do not know even one English word pun. Lastly we took illegal taxi or ‘teksi sapu’ but have to pay double. Tak pe lah dah tak larat nk tunggu, dh larut malam pun

Day 3
Today, in the afternoon, China Telecom organized a trip for us to the Prince Mansion at Hutong. I pun follow la. We were being briefed by this agent. He called himself ‘ Prince’, agak perasan la kan sbb he said that his name in Chinese means King. So just enjoy the pics la yea..

Beca2 berbaris near the Palace

At the palace...

Posing sikit..cantikkan corak2 kat atap tu

Ada show..tp x sampai 5 minit pun..hehe

Hubby with the other delegacies

Masa ni dlm bas, sempat snap building yang cantik..

So many types of cycles, not sure whether motorcycle, bicycle?

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