Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Beijing Day 1

Sorry girls for the long with my work, my photobook, kenduri kendara..bla bla bla..
Ok jom..let’s see what is Beijing from sally’s perspective..hehe

Day 1 Beijing
Our flight departure was at 12.30 am. So I just slept on the flight, no movies. Arrived at Beijing at 7+ am.
We went for a taxi. At first, seems like there is a systematic way of getting a taxi. We have to queue and the taxis also were queuing and there were officers coordinating. 

Suddenly a man came to us and offered his taxi. We were quite confused as his taxi was not queuing like the others but the officers did nothing. My hubby asked the man..”how much?” He said 400 yuan.
Whatttt??? Gilo ko apo? Then we said no and went back to the other taxis and off we went to the hotel for 80 yuan. 

Mangkuk btol mamat tadi tu, mmg saje nak pekena better beware. Kalau naik je, tak tanya harga, mmg habis.

We checked in at Renaissance since my hubby will be having a seminar at this hotel. 

So, after shower, resting and relaxing, we decided to go around Beijing and also to the Forbidden City.

At first we were a little bit blur on the subway map. So we took a taxi. Unfortunately, the taxi driver stopped at the exit not the entrance, so we have to walk all the way to the entrance which is so far around 1 km. Mang*** punya taxi driver.
I was like grrrr….dahle panas + peluh +penat..

Oklaa..enjoy the pics..will update on Day 2 etc later kay..

me & hubby at Forbidden City

Me..cun tak my sunglass?..sib baik bawak coz mmg panas. Nmpk tak cropped shirt tu, beli from Oldblossombox..cute kan?

Me & hubby..sian hubby tak de sunglass, berkerut2 muka..Mine tu murah je from Vincci, mmg beli nk pakai kat Beijing pun


  1. Wah bestnya gi beijing, sib baik yall tanya dulu taxi tu, first skali mmg i tgk ur baju, mmg cantik :)

  2. thank you masa tu agak panas la jugak sbb 2 lapis, sib baik ada angin sepoi2 bahasa..

  3. Lamanyer tak jengah blog you ni Sally...wahhh...jalan2 lagi...ha'a, cute sangat baju you. Scarf pon syantekkk!!