Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trip to Phuket

Assalammualaikum & Good Day people..
On 16th October we went to Phuket (dah macam essay sekolah rendah je..hehe). It was a great holiday. We really enjoy ourselves although I was not so well during the holiday. I had flu but managed to go thru the holiday happily..hehe.  So, let's see what we did in Phuket. We went there via package under An Nur Travel Agent.
Day 1
Arrived at Phuket Airport and they brought us to tshirt factory – tshirt for souvenirs are really cheap here.
Then we went to Pornthip (sebut betul2) where there is a shop selling all sorts of seafood and cashew nut product.
Next we went to Honey Factory – macam sesi lawatan sambil belajar kat sini
Then we went to a place called Shooting Range – hubby try menembak…boleh tahan jugak score dia 85%..congrats dear..hehe
Our next stop is Elephant Ride but we did not take the ride, quite expensive and not enough time since we will have to get ready for the show tonite.
On the way back to hotel, we dropped by to take some pics at a viewpoint (can’t remember the name)
Nite – AmazingPhuket Fantasea show..really enjoy ourselves. I and Busu took an elephant ride here, just before the show. I was so excited..ntah ape2. Anyway, mmg best giler the show. They have a very high tech stage, siap meletup, hujan, boleh fly & buat acrobatic. Mmg awesome…

So, enjoy the pics and wait for my updates on Day 2...hehe

At one of the viewpoints in Phuket

Us at the Fantasea

Jalan2 at the Fantasea
 p/s: Gambor Busu x byk since x dpt lg gambor from her camera yg lg canggih dr camera I. As you can see, bila mlm je my camera tu pun malap...

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