Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Phuket - Day 3

Luckily we started a little bit late today. I & hubby managed to walk around the hotel. We went to Patong Beach, took some pics and back to the hotel. Busu & hubby went to the hotel pool and my PIL went strolling nearby the hotel.

At Patong Beach & in the boat for Nara Cruise

Today we went for Nara Cruise. It was a very nice cruise with a big boat and about 20 passengers only. Along the way, the view was very nice, rasa mcm cruise mewah gitu.
We stopped at some of the caves and went for canoe. It was a very awesome experience since the caves were very dark and narrow and we had to lie down so that we could go through. Felt like my nose (yang mancung ni) is just below the cave..huhu. Scary huh. Tapi..mmg best lah cruise ni..

Nara Cruise and gilos
OK..habis suda my story telling on our Phuket trip..Kap pung kaap


  1. We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
    Thank you for posting.
    I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.
    I think I'll stay here Surin Beach Hotel This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
    Thank again.

  2. Hi Sbipk..u're welcome :).Thanks to you too for visiting my blog. It is my pleasure to share my experience with the readers so that u guys can at least have some ideas on how to plan your trip etc. U're right, i also love the white sand and also the beach. Happy Holidays to you :)