Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Assalammualaikum & Dear readers..
For a start, we have actually move some of our things to the new house. Since our new house is just nearby so it is quite ok but still tiring...turun-naik tangga..phew! We did not pack actually, just put everything in the car and bring it to our new house. Lps tu terus susun dlm cabinet/wardrobe...senang citer.

Now we are searching for movers for brg2 yg berat & besar like katil, wardrobe, fridge, washing machine. Mana nk cari movers ni? Bila google2 ada gak tgk forum2..some are ok & some are not. Tu yg leceh..x suka la org tipu2 ni..ada yg kata mula2 charge lain then bila nk bayar, lebih pula chargenye...Most of them yg wat iklan kat tiang2 x nk lah call yg kat tiang2 tu..dangerous..

Hopefully we all akan dpt movers yg ok..please pray for us..huhuhu..dahla we all pindah dekat jek, boleh jalan kaki je x logik laa kalau depa nak charge lebih2 ni..iskh..iskh

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