Friday, June 10, 2011

Hana Tajima Fashion

Assalammualaikum & Good Morning readers..
It's Friday..yeay! Been waiting for the weekend to come..huhu.
Ok..let's get back to the subject for today..Hana Tajima!!

Hmm x tau mcm mana I was reading a blog and..from this blog to another blog..I discover about Hana Tajima fashion. Lovely & sopan (dia pun mmg gorgeous)..i like!

Actually Hana Tajima's fashion from my point of view is like using the idea of fashion outfits from the westerns and mix & match them plus hijab/scarf. I do realize during my trip to London last time..most of the minah salleh are wearing nice & modest oufits sbbnye kat sana kan sejuk...hehe. Kalau pakai pendek2 & nipis, beku plak nanti. Kat mesia ni panas, so maybe boleh ikut fashion tp material tu change to something that is comfortable..yg tak berapa tebal..

So hana's idea ni mmg sgtlaa it..Kalau pi London lg (bila tu??), nak cari la baju2 mcm ni..huhu...or just buy Hana's design at Maysaa

One of the picture from her blog..nice dress just go to her blog for more fashions..

Wonder how do i look if i were to where this outfit...especially the scarf..huhu..sesuai ke ngan muka i eh?

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