Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hari tu janji nak ceritakan..

We actually went to NZ after my sis in law convocation on 16th Oct. We landed at Auckland, rented a mpv Hyundai Starex and off we went to Hobbiton. It was a very long journey from Auckland and what we saw along the road to Hobbiton is cows & sheep on very green field..hmmm..what a wonderful scenery.

Actually the whole area is big but the movie set area is not that big...but still i love the surroundings with green field, beautiful trees, the hobbit homes (holes). There is one expensive fake tree there according to the tour guide. Actually we did not watch that movie so we were quite blur. Balik je from cuti, I asked encik somi to get the movie tapi sekrg tgh ada kat astro pun. But actually the scene yg dekat this hobbiton is just tak sampai 5 minit pun..haishh..

Anyway..just enjoy the pics..

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