Monday, December 10, 2012

Pangkor Laut Resort (PLR)

Hello lovely promised, my entry on Pangkor Laut. Enjoy!

It was a relaxing holiday. We took a boat from Lumut Jetty (the new one just for PLR). It took us about 20 minutes to arrive there and we were escorted by the friendly PLR staffs to the lobby. Since the room was not ready so we went to have our lunch at the nearby were ok..not that special coz it was just ala carte.

At PLR, there are sea villas, garden villas but we took the cheapest (still expensive for me) hill villa.And guess what, we got the highest end of the road villa kot..huhu. We have to take the elevator and walk (agak tonggek juga nk sampai atas). Takpe la..ada exercise sikit kan. The villa is surrounded by trees, it was like we were in the jungle with the sound of monkeys, birds, insects. As usual, me as 'the afraid of insects person' felt uneasy especially when we have to walk at night to dine at the cafe below the hill.

Me: Eee..takut la nanti ada serangga mlm2 ni
Am: Kata org kampung
Me: Org kampung bukan duduk dlm hutan
Am: (no comment)


The first night we had our buffet dinner at the same cafe, it was awesome. A lot of food & of course the fresh seafood. Mmg makan dgn jayanya. Then, balik tido..iskh2. Luckily we have to walk to our villa, x de la makan terus tido.

Day 2
We went for breakfast & off to the Emerald Bay. It is a beach where we can swim without fear of the jelly fish..hehe. We stayed there till afternoon, had our lunch and back to the hotel around 3.00pm. At first we planned to go to Pangkor main island to buy ikan bilis (they said it is cheap here) but the charges for the boat is expensive i.e. RM50 per pax. So x jadi. Tonite our dinner will be at Uncle Lim's restaurant.

Day 3
We went for breakfast as usual & off to swim at the swimming pool. It was breathtaking as we can see the beautiful sea view from the pool. We were being pampered by the sea relaxing.
At about 11 a.m, we went back to the villa & get ready to check out.
Yang bestnya, kami singgah Lumut beli ikan bilis & had lunch at a restaurant..rasanya restoran tu org Perlis yg punya. Ada laksa & also nasi campur..awesome!

the villa

Us (:

Till then XOXO...


  1. Ti, gedik kan?..inilah penangan Istanbul, aku datang..hahaha